Servants of Yeenoghu

Session 4: Into the mines

Our group of gnolls managed to solve the puzzle and open the stone chest. Inside were various treasures and a cryptic note written in Dwarvish. Daigaer used the "comprehend launguage" ritual to read the letter. Afterwords, the gnolls entered the forge taking on the forge-master and finding further goodies in a room stacked with weapons and armour. The last tunnel leading off the main room was explored. Uroo set off a rock slide from an unstable tunnel which alerted the miners to the gnoll's presence. Just before the session concluded Uroo decided to peer into a dark corner of the cave and disturbed the bats living inside.

The Forge-master: One elite dwarf forge-master and two of his minions.
The miners: One Dwarf prospector and four gnome skulks. 

(to be added)





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